Listen very carefully my pet.  Follow me down the hall.  Crawl on your knees adoringly behind me.  Let’s go into the Dungeon.  I finally halt and turn to you gazing down on you with my piercing eyes as if seeing through you.  You try to look back at me defiantly.  You are an inexperienced submissive who has finally reached out to a true Femdom such as myself to break you.  That look of defiance will not last long.  You are stroking your cock without permission.  I can easily fix this.  I grab the Houdini Chastity Device and place it on your penis.  You look in shock not knowing what to do.  Control the cock and you control the boy.  This is easily done through Chastity Training.  The chastity belt squeezes hard on your cock keeping it from getting completely hard.  I smirk at you with an evil smile and tell you that you won’t be touching your penis anymore without permission.  I want your full attention my pet.  You will learn.  Strict Orgasm Denial is a part of the process of breaking you.

I sit in my chair and order you to confess your fantasies about your Mistress Sarah.  You gaze adoringly up at me and slowly tell me that you fantasize about me eating a fudgesicle in front of you.  This makes your cock ache.  You wish it was my lips wrapped around your cock sucking your dick.  You know you are unworthy of this.  Don’t you my pet.  I get up out of my seat and come back a few minutes later with a fudgesicle in hand.  You mean  fudgesicle like this.  I slowly lick it.  You let out gasps and moans of torture as I take it into my mouth for a bite.  I ask you if this is what you dream of.  You of course answer me with a, “Yes!”

It did not take very long did it my pet?  I have already made you cry from being so horny.  You beg to be able to cum.  You beg to be released from the chastity belt.  Your eyes are no longer defiant.  I have just begun to break you.  I will give you more tease and denial torture as I finish off this fudgesicle in front of you.  I wonder what other confessions you will make.

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