The realm of online is unlimited.  I run into all sorts of individuals.  I found a pompus arrogant ass hole who is very rude to women one day.  He inspired me to write a forced feminization story.  It’s amazing what dirty little secrets men keep inside bottled up.  They dare not admit their true desires.  This ass hole reminded me of a few of my callers.  They tell me about how their wives think they are studs.  In the closet though is when their other selves come out.  They pick up the phone and call Mistress Sarah.

The story begins:

The lawyer went about his daily life as he normally did not knowing what his wife was cheming against him.  Jim was the typical pompus ass hole.  He portrayed himself to the world as the perfect husband.  He sat down every day doing the same old boring job as a morgage lawyer.  Even sex was a boring routine for his wife.  Sure he was a good provider but she wanted more.  Then it got even worse.  Jim started playing video games on the computers at all hours of the night.  He was rude to everyone around him then would play it off as he was joking.  He never apologized for anything.  Lucille caught her husband calling women sluts and whores online treating them in total disrespect.  It dawned on her finally she was married to a pompus ass hole who had no respect for women.  She would get revenge.  She bought some female hormones over the internet and started to put them in her husband’s food.  Jim would soon find out what it means to be a woman.  He has no respect for women nor understand’s the passion in a woman’s heart.

Jim complained about how sore his nipples were.  He started to notice they were growing.  By that time it was too late though.  He had been taking the hormones for months now.  He found himseld desiring to wear women’s clothes.  He didn’t know what his wife was doing to him.  He took to it so well though.  His cock was not getting hard anymore.  He would sneak into his wife’s panty drawer trying on her things.  Jim even took out his wife’s dildo and fucked his ass with it.  He imagined how it would feel to have a woman give him strap on training.  To be taken like a girl is what he wanted.  What’s come over him?

His wife Lucille smiled and laughed at her pussy boy husband.  Soon he would become a full blown sissy with perky titties.  She already thought of dating real men who knew how to really treat a woman.  She wanted to feel like a woman and be treated like one.  Her revenge on her husband was a success.

So be careful of how you treat women.  Always be polite and remember women are Superior!  Men were put on this Earth to serve women.  Do not forget that.  You never know what we might do to you to get revenge.

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