As a life style Domme I can not stress enough the importance of sub space.  Have you found your sub space?  Sub space is that place and mind set in a submissive’s mind during a session where he gives up total control to the Dominant.  There is much more to it than that.  Your pain tolerance will go up because your mind set switches knowing this gives you pleasure now.  Through training a switch in your mind will go off.  It is triggered by the stimulation of both pain and pleasure.  As a Domme it is important for me to pay attention to you when I am training to ensure your safety when you reach this state.  I can tell when a caller finds this space in their mind.  A prime example of what can put you there is cock and ball torment, corporal punishment, coerced orgasms, strap on training mixed with pain, long term orgasm denial, and nipple torture.  Mind you these are just some of the examples.  The list is almost endless.  I’ve seen an abundance of sissy sluts who are into extreme pain while I use their slutty ass.  I do not expect all sissies to take extreme pain.  You can reach your subspace with a strict sensual touch.  If you are an inexperienced sub or are only into things like mild tease and denial then you will never reach this mind set.  This still does not take away from the pleasure of the experience.  Try pushing your limit just a bit each time in order to truly experience total loss of control to a Dominant Woman.

Subspace is a metaphor for the state the submissive’s mind and body is in during a deeply involved play scene. Many types of BDSM play invoke strong physical responses.

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