Stand up, soldier.  Today we introduce a new training tool.  This device is called a chastity device and it’s used to keep boys like you under control until you little peach fuzz pea-brained hard dicked idiots learn to behave yourselves.  You know why you’ve been sent here.  You’re all masturbation addicts.  Strokers and  jackoffs, aren’t you?  These devices will take care of that and this will be your toughest training yet.  They don’t call it bootcamp for nothing, believe me.

Each day you will present yourself for device inspection.  I will personally supervise and oversee each inspection, so rest assured there will be no slacking off, got that soldier?  I will also be the keeper of each and every key to each lock on each cage.  Sundays you will be allowed to remove said device for the purpose of completely cleaning both the device and that pathetic appendage it enslaves.  You will not touch it for any other purpose than to clean.  Good hygiene is always a must in my dungeon.

I expect each and every one of you to take your training seriously, without a thought as to why.  You will soon learn that there is no “why” here.  Complete obedience is what I expect and I shall receive it.

Daily exercises to increase stamina will be administered.  We will have a full length feature adult movie each night.  You will wear your devices 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  This means all training will be painful.  You will be coerce d to watch beach volleyball, read playboy and of course you will be coerce d to please the Mistresses here anytime, day or night.  Some of you will have nightly duties to increase your torture.

After 8 weeks of chastity we will move on to the spikes.  These spikes are designed to stop that erection and apply pressure which becomes more painful the harder you become.  You won’t have an erection anymore when I’m done with you, maggot.  Is that clear?

Just think of  yourself similar to an alcoholic on their way to recovery, only in this case your addiction is masturbation.  You will be tested but you will leave boot camp and be a proud chastised soldier.

Domination with Ms. Tia 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute