Are you ready to for a new level of pain and humiliation for your Mistress Sarah? This exercise is going to be tough.  So be a good slut and get to work now.

For this exercise you need to go to the grocery store.  I want you to buy a cantaloupe, banana, and Tabasco sauce. The most important part of this exercise is that you must have a webcam or digital recording device.  You will record this exercise.

For preparation of the torture:
Cut a hole in the cantaloupe so you can fuck it.
Strip down naked.
Grab the banana and tobasco sauce.
Get in front of your recording device and hit start.

Now that you are recording let’s begin your performance slut.  You do not need to have this showing your face.  The camera or webcam only need be focused on your lower half.

Lubricate that banana with the Tabasco sauce.  Slide the banana in your ass.  Start to fuck it in and out slowly for 10 minutes.  I want your ass burning.

Once your ten minutes is up leave the banana in your ass.  Hold it there with your ass cheeks.  Do not let it fall out.  Grab your cantaloupe and start fucking it.  Fuck it hard and fast.  Do not cum either.  You are not allowed to ever cum without permission.

Repeatedly say while fucking the cantaloupe, “Oh this cantaloupe is a great piece of ass.  I love fucking you.  I’m a pathetic man whore who can’t get a real woman.  Your the only one who loves me and will let me fuck you cantaloupe.  Will you marry me?  I love you.  Oh yes this is a great piece of ass.”

Fuck the cantaloupe for 15 minutes while saying those lines over and over.  Do not hold back.

Is it clear that this cantaloupe is the only thing you could get to fuck you right now. Take the banana out of your ass.  I’m done using you for now.  Oh yes listen to the audio now.  That’s an order.  See what else awaits you.  You must find out what awaits you with that recording of your embarrassing moment but must listen to the audio to find out what.

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Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute