Hello submissive loser boy. I know you need control and you need it in a bad, bad way. Your cock is running your life, isn’t it? You know why men give their penises little pet names? Because they don’t want a total stranger telling them what to do all of the time. You need to reign that thing in, don’t you, boy? You crave the strong control of a beautiful Mistress in command, a Femdom Deluxe that will control your cock once and for all, since you seem to be incapable of doing that very thing. Well, guess what, loser boy? Today is your lucky day. I am going to get you to finally get that wiener under strict, very strict control. If you live in a large metropolitan area, like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Seattle, Houston, Chicago, Las Vegas, St. Louis, or the like, you can just waltz your submissive ass over to your local, larger, adult toy store and buy yourself a chastity device. I know, it’s going to be humiliating for you, but you need this and you know it, so take your cock control “medicine” like man, will you? Now, for the rest of you boys out in the smaller communities, you can go to google and find an online toy store from which to purchase your chastity device. While you are online or at the toy store, you will have to reveal your penis size to be properly fitted, right? Oh, and don’t forget a couple of different options for securing the chastity device, that’s very important. Once you get it, I want you to…

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