Captivity anyone? There are several ways you can be captive for Me. Chastity, shackle restraints, an oversized cargo cage, and self bondage. Self bondage can be dangerous, so I don’t prefer it. My first choice is chastity, of course.
Chastity requires a secure device with a lock and key, and I’m not talking about a flimsy little plastic lock with the numbers that you cut off. It’s a sure way to lose the captive, and I mean business. I want you securely locked with Me holding the key. The device is secured as I watch on cam and the keys are sent to Me FedX. It is possible to cheat, to send other keys, that’s why I prefer the premium cock cage with keys that cannot be duplicated. The locking and unlocking is checked on cam . It is possible to cheat with chastity, but most chaste males are well behaved enthusiasts, and will not cheat.
Shackle restraints require 5 locks, the keys sent to Me before lockdown. The preferable time is one week as the shackles are heavy and cumbersome. The boy is locked in his house and unable to leave until the keys are sent back. This too is an honor system, as the padlocks are pretty generic. Should an emergency arise, too bad…the boy will be discovered as a submissive captivity fetishist. It’s a good idea to put the boy in at least an opaque body stocking with a trap door back in case of emergencies.
The oversized cargo cage is best left unlocked when the slave is contracted for a long amount of time. A live streaming video can be used to keep an eye on the boy. U-stream provides this free service, as I use it now with a slave in captivity. The slave is allowed short breaks during captivity. It is often clandestinely checked on and infractioned if needed. For short term captivity, say several hours, a key can be frozen in ice, suspended above the cage and finally thawed to release the slave. A combination padlock sent by Mistress can also be used, and she can text the combination at the given hour. In this case, a hacksaw should be in the cage for emergencies. The last two are seriously flawed. What happens in a very urgent emergency when immediate evacuation is needed? Some seriously humored Firemen is what. This is why in these cases. The slave must have a cell phone ready to call 911.

I do not recommend self bondage, and will never permit it. Im looking for more captives. Call Me and arrange if you dare:

Domination sessions with Mistress Cassandra 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute