I stand before you, boy toy!  Drop to your knees.  I am your irresistable Ebony Dominatrix- a lean, mean sexual machine who loves to have little boys like you submit to me!

When you kneel before me, always be naked with your head lowered, eyes averted, you pathetic obsessive stroker.  Don’t think I do not know how much you love to stroke that measely dick.  Well, from now on, you will only stroke when I say so- and only stroke for me!  Or you can risk my high heel shoe grinding on your head- and I don’t mean the one attached to your neck.

Do I hear pathetic whimperings coming  from beneath me?  Oh, I think it’s the worthless submissive begging to stroke it for me.  Well, this is your lucky day, wanker boy!   I’m going to let you stroke it with just the lubricant of your spittle.  That’s right- no fancy lubes for you, baby boy.  Plain old spit will do, and consider yourself fortunate to be able to do that.

Now as you get a nice, smooth stroking going, I want you to keep your eyes on my picture which I just know you have in front of you.  Kiss my picture as you stroke.  Lick it, too.  But before you complete the mission, make sure you listen up below- or you will find that my patience runs out very quickly.   And you sure as hell don’t want that to happen.  Now do it!

Domination with Empress Celeste 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute