They say men are dogs… and I say they’re right. But when men hear that they liked to think they’re big, tuff-guy dogs… Dobermans, German Shepherds, Pit Bulls… but the only bull in all that is the bullshit they’re telling themselves.

The kind of dogs men truly are, and are undeniably meant to be… are whipped dogs. It would be an insult to man’s canine cousins to call them anything else. Real dogs are a far superior animal… man is just a cheap, ignorant imitation, egotistically trying to be more than he is.

But how I see it – if you’re going to act like dogs, then whipped dogs you damn well will be. It takes a firm hand to train an animal, to teach it its proper place. To make it obedient, loyal and worth owning. And my hand is very firm… as is my fist.

The training of the male animal starts with an introduction to his proper place in my world… as a puppy slave.

You will go to your local pet store, and buy a large slip collar – a choke chain for a dog. Not the standard dog collar, you don’t deserve that yet. A choke collar that is made for training. You will also buy two large dog bowls… a potty training mat for adult dogs (along with any necessary pads or newspaper)… a scoop… and a 2 play toys – a rubber ball and a large fake bone.

When you have an entire day to yourself, you will take the first full step in your male slave dog training.

In the morning you will get out of bed, strip naked and get down on your knees. You will stay on your knees the entire day, crawling on all fours, never standing. You will not sit in chairs, and you will not touch the couch. You will crawl on the floor, you will lie on the floor… and you will not talk at all.

You will get your choke collar and put it on. It will stay on all day… and you’d best keep track of it when you crawl, lest you learn in a very painful way why they call it a “choke collar”.

You will then get your bowls, filling one with water and the other with broken up cooked ground beef. Cook this the night before – three pounds of it – crumble it up and put it all in a storage bowl in the refrigerator. You can add some cheese to it too but not a lot. You will fill your food bowl from this. During that day you can eat all of it or none of it, but that is the only thing you will eat all day and you may only refill your bowl twice. Both bowls will go on the floor in the kitchen, with some newspaper under them. Just like the food bowl, you may refill the water bowl only twice during that day.

You will then get your potty mat… put it on the floor in the bathroom. This is one of the most important considerations when getting a new male puppy slave – proper potty training. You will “relieve” yourself only on your potty mat… and by that I mean both front and behind. You will use your scoop to dump any “solid matter” in the toilet bowl – flush the bowl and clean the scoop when done. Dump any soiled pads/newspaper right away.

You may play with your ball and bone during the day as much as you want… but you will not use the computer, radio, phone or any other human devices. You may turn the television to the animal channel, and leave that on all day… but only that channel.

When you sleep you will do it on the floor. You can get a blanket or mat and sleep on top of that, and you can cover yourself with one blanket also. No pillows, no beds.

As for masturbation… that depends on how good a puppy you are. If you are correctly following all of the commands I’ve given you above, then you may click the link below –

Domination with Domina Amanda 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute