I’ve been told that you’re having problems with cock control… problems understanding that your cock is no longer yours… that it belongs to us. Well, that’s what Domination Bootcamp is for… to handle little problems like you.

For the next week… yes, a full seven days… you’re not going to cum. You’re going to masturbate twice a day, but you will not cum.

Each time you get ready to masturbate, you will say the following –

“This is not my cock… this cock is owned by Domina Amanda… I am not allowed to play with it… only she can let me touch it… only she can let me cum.”

This goes for every day of the full week… both times you stroke each day, before you begin.

On the first two days you will bring yourself to the edge when you masturbate, and then keep yourself there like that for 20 mins. You will not cum. At the end of the 20 mins you will stop stroking, and slap yourself as hard as you can in the balls.

Then you will say the following –

“I am sorry I have been such a brat… I don’t have a cock anymore… what was my cock now belongs to Domina Amanda… and I am sorry.”

Then you will hit yourself in the balls again… even harder.

On the third and fourth days you will get a pair of clothes pins, and put them on your nipples before you masturbate. You will jerk off for a full 30 minutes, bringing yourself to the edge but not going beyond. Each time you feel yourself about to cum you will let go of your cock and take hold of each clothes pins. Then you’ll crush the pins down hard on your nipples… pulling and twisting for 30 seconds… while saying the following –

“I am not a man… I am nothing but a bitch slave who will learn to do as he is told.”

Then you’ll start stroking again… repeating the above when you next get close to the edge. A full 30 minutes of doing this. When the time is up, you will not release the clothes pins gently, you’ll yank them off.

You will have a dildo ready in advance for the fifth and sixth days. Wash it and wash your ass. When you are ready to masturbate you will push the head of the dildo inside of your ass and say the following –

“I don’t deserve to cum… my ass should be fucked by my owner for her pleasure… I am just a slave, what I want means nothing.”

You’ll then work the dildo into your ass… you may use lube but only sparingly. You will fuck yourself with my cock for 15 minutes… working it deeper and deeper inside until you can take the whole thing (except the last couple inches idiot, don‘t lose it in your ass or you‘ll have a nice, embarrassing trip to the hospital waiting for you). When the 15 minutes are up, and you have the dildo fully inside of you, you will stroke your cock while leaving my prick buried in your ass. You will not cum. You will bring yourself to the edge 10 times, stopping each time to say –

“Domina Amanda’s cock feels so good inside of me… this slave boy loves having his owner’s cock up his ass.”

On the seventh day you’ll put my cock up your ass and put the clothes pins on your nipples.

The first time that day you will fuck your ass as hard as you can for 15 mins. Do it deep and grind it against your prostrate. Force it in and get it down all the way within the first minute. You’ve been a bad fucking boy and I’m going to take your insolence out on your ass. Fuck it hard so it hurts. When the 15 mins are up, pull the dildo out and yank the clothes pins off. Don’t touch my cock at all – no stroking.

The second time that day, and final time of the week, you will get down on your knees and say –

“I have learned my lesson Domina Amanda… I will be a good boy… please fuck my ass… beat my balls… hurt my nipples… please do anything you want to your slave boy, he will obey.”

Then lie down in bed and jerk off… do it any way you want to… bring yourself to the edge 12 times and then click the link below for the final command in this Domination Bootcamp lesson –

Domination sessions with Domina Amanda 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute