It is always best when you experiment with a new kink, that involves physical risk take some time to do your own research, before offering up your balls, for torture.

The following starter kit will be absent of any items or products that could do permanent damage. After care should NOT include a trip to the ER. Playing safe is always an important part of a CBT session, and your Miss Viv follows the Rules of Safe Sane and Consensual.

A good rule of thumb is to READ the label on what ever you are thinking of putting in or on any body orifice. If there is a warning not to use in or around any mucus membranes, that means the anus, the glans penis <head> clitoral hood or foreskin.

Time to SHOP!

Your first consideration should be storage. For small toys I prefer a tackle or toolbox. Ours is 3 tiered and can be pulled behind, but we have been adding to our CBT inventory for many years. Strong and lockable is always a good choice.

Most of the 12 items on the Starter Kit list can be found at any craft/major super store. Grab a pen and click the banner to begin exploring this exciting kink. A full text list can be found on my blog, Fem Domain.

Take some time to wander the isles and note the wide variety of clothespins, cord, ribbons, wooden paddles and feathers – all for pennies apiece.

Remember pets, CBT isn’t always about pain – it is a balance between pain and the pleasure – new the sensations and pushing the limits. I look forward to your call that starts out with – Mistress – take my balls, please.

CBT Domination with Ms. Vivian 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute