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I would like to start off the evening by letting you all know the good news.  I finally got a new internet provider.  This has literally fucking sucked.  For months now my DSL provider’s internet service was shitty at best.  I am so happy I could dance naked in the rain.  I now have very high speed internet through my cable provider and installed Windows XP on my computer.  I got rid of Vista.  This is a very good week for my computer indeed.  I called my family and will be going home to Michigan for Thanksgiving.  I am looking forward to this.  Even though Summer has come to an end I am still enjoying the fabulous weather.  This is so perfect.  I love watching the leaves change color in the fall.  Fall is my favorite time of the year.  I am a country girl at heart and always will be.

I will be answering the phone tonight with my Superior Smile as usual.  I am happy that my tease and denial boy toys are on their knees and ready to serve yours truly.  One of my favorite callers has done a session every other day now.  I usually tie him to a chair or my bed for his tease role play.  This weekend though he got a special treat.  I always have to lock up his cock in a chastity belt.  I change the device I use from time to time depending on my mood that day.  Sometimes I will use a CB-6000 or The Gates of Hell.  The Gates of Hell looks so damned sexy on a cock.  Depending on the device it can have anywhere from 5 rings to 7 rings.  Truthfully it’s not what I’d consider a true chastity device but it does the job for a short tease session.  My boy toy had a CB-6000 on this weekend though and did I ever make him earn the privilege to take it off.  He begs just to touch it.  I make him beg for each and every stroke.

When ever I let my slut cum though he lets out a loud orgasmic scream.  He loves how I control his orgasm.  I literally leave my slut breathless.  Well, of course I do.

To cum or not to cum.  That is the question.  I thought I would through in a domination theme sololique into the equation.  I assure you that there will be orgasm denial for a long period of time during your guided masturbation session.  Be honest if you wish to cum at the end of the session or are willing to leave it up to me.  No matter what though, I will make you earn that fucking orgasm.


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