This is the continuation tale of Swishy Sissy Priscialla.  I am a big fan of fairy tales and Pagan Mythology.  I thought it would be cute to write a Pinnochio inspired story with a sissy twist.  Of course I added in my own creativity and charm.  To let some of you sissies out there know I am into all sorts of Sissification Training ranging from being the sister you always wanted or the Strict Demanding Bitch Mistress who will make you suffer severe humiliation.

Swishy Sissy Priscialla Story Continues:

Mistress Sarah asked her new little sissy sister,”Why she was named swishy sissy priscilla.”

SIssy Priscilla replied politely, “Because Mistress Sarah I love to wear dresses with petticoats and I love to swish when I walk all sissified.  It just makes me feel so girlie.”

“Oh how cute!” Mistress Sarah answered with an evil smile.

Mistress Sarah had turned many sissies into mindless slaves to do her bidding through the years as a Witch.  This young lady was beginning to warm her cold heart some how.  Was this sissy different Mistress Sarah was thinking to herself?  Was she the one who would give her the gift of love in return as well?

Mistress Sarah and swishy sissy priscialla spent a wonderful day out together.  They went to the mall shopping, visited the salon, and even received a manicure and pedicure together.  Mistress Sarah held sissy priscilla’s hand as she got her ear’s pierced for the very first time.

Several weeks had finally gone by and All Hallows Eve was just a day away.  Mistress Sarah knew that sissy priscilla had almost no chance of receiving her first sissy kiss.  What would she do?

The next day on Halloween Mistress Sarah dressed as a Sexy Vampire and swishy sissy priscilla dressed up like Little Bo Peep.  She looked adorable.  Only hours away and the sissy priscialla would forever turn into a fairy and become Witchy Mistress Sarah’s Slave.

Until Next time my sissy audience.  The story will continue soon.

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