Once upon a time there was a sissy named swishy sissy priscilla.  She had everything her girlie heart desired or so she thought.  She woke up each day in her pretty pink bedroom.  She had everything done up in girlie design.  She even had her old barbies that she had owned since she was younger.  Her mother knew that her boy was really a sissy.  swishy sissy priscilla used to get teased by her sisters growing up.  The morning was more intense than usual.  It finally occured to swishy sissy priscilla that was what she was missing.  She was missing a sister to laugh at her and tell her what a sissy she is.  Most of all though swishy sissy priscilla had never been kissed like a real girl.

Little did the sissy know but the faeries heard her hearts desire and were going to make the sissies dreams come true.  Swishy sissy priscilla woke up the next day sadder than the day before.  She was longing for sissy humiliation like only a sister could give.  Little did the sissy know though the faeries had granted her wish.  Mistress Sarah walked into swishy sissy priscialla’s room and told her how the faeries brought her here to grant her one true wish.  How ever there was a price the sissy had to pay.  The sissy had to get her first true sissy kiss by the the stroke of midnight on all Hallows Eve or the spell would be broken.  Poor little sissy would be left all alone.  Also, little did swishy sissy priscilla know but Mistress Sarah was a Witch.  She had sent the faeries to the sissy sensing her heart’s desire so that she could find a new slave to do her bidding. If the sissy failed to get her first sissy kiss by the deal line she would for ever be turned into a faery who would do the Witch Mistress Sarah’s bidding and never be allowed to be a girl again. If the sissy did manage to receive her first sissy kiss then for ever she would be a real girl and no longer just a sissy.  Of course the Witch Mistress Sarah would do her best to make sure the sissy does not find out about the dead line.

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