I am on all evening taking calls my boy toys.  Be on your knees when you call me though.  Do not touch your cock until I say so.  You will never learn will you.  I’ve noticed a certain stroker boy who is not allowed to stroke still begging me if he can touch it.  The answer is no and always will be no.  Think about how much time you wasted stroking your cock when you could be spending all those hours dedicated to pleasing yours truly.  That is a much better way to spend your time.  Stroker addict is a new client of mine who was fascinated with Mistress Ally’s strict orgasm denial program and wanted to do something similar.  So, he is now punished and not allowed to stroke for his third week because he can’t behave.  He is the one who told me to not let him stroke so much and punish him when he is naughty.  Now he cries when he calls me because he can’t take it anymore.  I love to make him crawl on his knees torturing him with visuals of what I’m wearing.  I make him confess his fantasies about me.

I am playing a little tease and denial game with him.  I am keeping score at how many orgasms he gives me or whom ever I whore him out to.  Well, I play this game with men who are into coerce d bi so why not the straight ones too.  Stroker addict must give 50 orgasms before he’s even allowed to stroke.  Then another 50 after that to earn his first orgasm.  He’s given 28 orgasms thus far.  How long do you think it will take for him to earn the right to stroke?

He did finally fess up that he absolutely loves the thought of being used for women’s pleasure but not allowed to have any himself.  Be careful what you wish for though sluts.  You might just get it.

I dare you to play the tease and denial game.  I have my chalk board ready to keep score.  I dare you to try.  How many orgasms will I make you give to women before you can stroke?  How many orgasms will I make you give women before you can even have one orgasm.  Once you have that one orgasm though we start again at square one all over again.  Playing the game that tortures you to my heart’s content.

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