Not all of my sessions involve any sexual stimulation, torture, or teasing to the male.  I have some very delightfuly sweet gentlemen who get off just by worshipping my gorgous body.  No cock stroking involved.  I’m certain many just play with themselves we speak to each other about what pleases me.  Body Worship is something more men need to pay attention to versus their obsession with touching themselves all of the time.  So get on your knees all of you stroker sluts.  Just visualize how you would start to kiss my body starting with feet worship.  Pleasing me is all that matters.  I know you find this very arrousing.  Do not touch yourself.  Just in your mind memorize every curve, touch, taste, emotion, and reaction on my face as you please me.  There will be a quiz on this later.  Those of you who are my regular callers that I know read my blog daily will be asked what your fantasy was.  This is a challenge to all of you.  It’s not like I have to twist your arms to do this.  I am a fucking sexy woman.

I am taking calls right now as we speak and spending time in the our Erotic Chat Room with Mistress Vivian and the rest of our chatters.  It’s a lot of fun tonight on Halloween.  Look out though I’m wearing fangs tonight.  I’m biting all the necks as they come in the door.  I’ll turn you all into my slaves.

So how much cock control do you need stroker sluts?  I challenge you to please me before you are even allowed to stroke.  Do not ever cum without permission.

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