The month of October is Mistress Madness Party Month.  Every Saturday at 8pm a group of Mistresses will be hosting a party in numerous Chat Rooms at our Erotic Chat Room Site.  Make sure you sluts show up every Saturday Night for Mistress Madness.

Tonight I had a guided masturbation session that was a lot of fun.  We played truth or dare.  With every truth he has to make a confession to me.  With every dare I roll only one dice and that’s how many strokes he gets.  I make him talk about how much he loves being teased by me.  He tells me all of the fantasies he has had about me.  What experiences in the past he’s had with tease and denial.  He loves it when I play games with him.  He told me that he loves to hear my laugh and his cock always reacts to it by standing straight up.  He is a very naughty stroker boy who usually has to do a texting session because he’s sneaking his naughty stroking habits.  So a phone session is a rare treat for my truth or dare slut.

I will be one of the numerous Mistresses hosting a party on October 25th.  You’ll hear more about it very soon.  I promise.  October is a great month because fall is here, the leaves are changing color, and Halloween is my favorite Holiday of the year.  Well, I am a Witch when I want to be.  Look out sluts because I may put a spell on you next.

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