Let’s play a little game with some hard core cock and ball torture today.

List of Items you will need for this cbt assignment:

1. Bag of clothes pins.  (At least 30 of them.)
2. Ice
3. Belt
4. Two Shoe Laces

So my little bitch do you have the necessary items ready yet?  If the answer is no then that’s the wrong answer.  Unacceptable!  Go get it now.  Now you will answer me with, “Yes Mistress Sarah.”

Strip down naked immediately once you are ready to begin.  Stroke your cock for ten strokes for me.  Just enough to get it semi hard.  Tie up your cock and balls with the shoe lace.  Next shoe string will be used to tie up the head of the cock nice and tight.

Time to play with the clothes pins.  Put 5 clothes pins on each ball sack.  That makes for a total of ten.  Oh wait, I changed my mind.  Make that ten clothes pins on each ball sack. Do it now.  I hope it hurts.

Place 10 clothes pins on the under side of your penis.

Grab that belt and slap the top side of your cock for me 25 times.  After each wack you will count off with a “Thank you Mistress!”  Start smacking now.

Done whipping your cock!  Now wack your balls back and forth 25 times.  I hope it hurts.

Sit with those clothes pins on your cock and balls for another 15 minutes.  Do not do anything else.

Now, grab the belt and slap off each of those clothes with it.  You heard me.  You are not allowed to just take off those clothes pins.  You must slap every last one of those clothes pins off with a belt.

Now use the ice and rub it all over your cock and balls.

I am done with you for now.  How ever you will repeat this assignment for 7 days this week.

Domination with Ms. Sarah 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute