I’ve been soft on you little wankers for far too long. Tonight, I’m requiring a punishing dose of domination to make up for lost time. I’ll need you to get two dildos with suction cups on them. One should be bigger than the other and the color of said dildos? Why, black of course, lol. You’ll also need an implement to paddle yourself with, I’m not particular… it can be a large paint stirrer (just ask for them at Lowes), a ping pong paddle or a custom made butt whapper from your bdsm shop of choice… or as simple as a large wooden spoon from your kitchen. You’ll also need several clamps, you’ll be wearing them a while, so don’t get too adventurous. If you haven’t commercial implements, visit the office supply or laundry section for clothespins.

Prepare yourself now. Remove all your clothes, gather your tools and lubricant and drift into sub space. Get on your knees and put the first dildo on the wall in front of you. Put it level with your mouth. Now tease your nipples. Get them nice and hard. Now clamp them tight. Is your cock hard yet? Stroke it a bit, not too much… just ease your level of arousal up to meet the ache in your nipples. Now cup your balls. Pull the skin of your scrotum down and attach a few of those clamps to your nads. Now it’s time for your spanking. Lean over and start sucking your cock while reaching behind and spanking your ass. I want a smooth rhythm of cheek to cheek while sucking your new lover. When you feel your stinging ass can’t take one more smack, lower the dildo on the wall to be even with your ass.

Now turn around and make your ass slick. Rub the dildo up and down your crack and then sink it in. Fuck yourself at a slow, steady pace while you bend down to suck the other dildo. Anchor it on the floor so that every out stroke chokes you on that big fat dick. Suck and fuck like a dirty little slut until you’re edging. Don’t touch your cock. When you feel it’s unbearable, that the very next stroke will lead you to a spontaneous eruption… click below to find if an orgasm is a possibility.

Domination with Ms. Lauren 800-601-6975

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