It’s harvest season soon – that means lots of pumpkins and guords. Which got me to thinking about fruit fuckers and the ones I have talked to recently. I spoke with someone who fucked a watermelon recently, and another who fucked a cantaloupe.  Since it’s not watermelon season anymore – I think it’s high time you went to the store and perused the vegetable and fruit aisle – bought some produce, and carved a hole in it the size of your penis – make sure you measure the diameter to get a feel for what size you need.

What vegetables or fruit to use?  Cantaloupes are good, cucumbers, pumpkins, bananas, and you can even make a strawberry puree to rub on your dick.  But I think the most humiliating ones are where you actually have to drill a hole – which is why I suggest pumpkins, cantaloupes and the like.

This is your assignment – and I would like for you to provide pictures too if you can.  Nothing makes me laugh more than to see you pump a pumpkin with your dick covered in orange pumpkin innards.  Not only that, it feels good too. How do I know this?  Let’s just say I have dished out this assignment to callers in the past and they gladly reported to me.  I know they had a good time, and I had a fun time also laughing as I got photos and even a video once of it being done.

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