Domination… just the word excites me, don’t you agree? On your knees, eyes lowered to the floor; waiting for my command. I own you.. Everything that makes you is now mine. The only person that matters is ME. I will make all important decisions. You exist to make me happy, serve and to submit to me, without question.

I am talking about total and complete power exchange. You’ve spent enough of your life being the one in charge, making all the decisions. Now it’s time for a pretty hot young female dominant to do those things for you. In exchange for your submission, you get to serve me and focus only on me.

Your life now revolves around me. You work your fancy white collar job so that you can present the check in your hands, while you are naked, on your knees in front of me. No worries my pet, your basic needs and bills will be met, everything else goes to me.

I’ve captured your mind, body and spirit. Don’t bother to try and fight it. Eventually you will be over taken by the urges to submit to a beautiful Dominatrix. I am that beautiful Dominatrix you have searched your whole life for.

Last but not least, I will take complete pleasure in controlling your cock, balls and ultimately your orgasms. It’s amazing what a man will do in order to gain permission from his Mistress to cum. Do as I say, follow my orders exactly and I will reward my good submissive accordingly.

Domination with Empress Jill 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute