Dip your cock in wax

Since it is that spooky time of year – you may have candles around the house to give it that haunted look. Even if you don’t – go buy some candles. I’ll tell you why. You will give yourself a hot wax treatment on your cock and balls. But first, I want you to take some string and tie the string around the base of your cock so as to keep it very hard.  Then light the candle. Whilst you are waiting for the candle to form hot wax, stroke your cock – get it nice and hard – think of Me in tall high-heel boots watching you with a wicked grin on My face.  After you have that cock nice and hard, and the wax is melted and there is plenty of it – I want you to start dripping, drop by drop, the candle wax on the shaft of your cock – all the way up to the head. Then, drip it on your balls.  Do this until your cock is covered with wax. The sensation of the heat on your cock is certainly quite erotic, and a teeny bit of pain – but nothing you can’t handle!   After you have poured wax on your cock – then you peel it off by stroking and edging yourself. I’d like for you to repeat this process three times!  Pour wax, strip it off, then edge yourself.  After you have done that – e-mail me at cecilia@voxerotic.com and let me know how you enjoyed your experience!

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