You are so embarrassed by the size of your little cock that you almost cry every time you are forced to confess it’s measurements.  You are so horny at the sound of a woman’s laughter about the pathetic needle dick between your legs.  Are all men with little dicks sissies?  Well, if you have a needle dick and are not a sissy then I believe you just answered your own question.  How ever I will reinterate how many small cock pathetic fucks I talk to and know who cry every time I make them confess the size of their endowment to me the first time.  I have seen thousands of men with those little clits they like to try to pass off as real cocks break down just like a sissy.  It makes me want to put you all in pretty pink panties and prance around for me like the pussy boys you are.  So suffer my small penis humiliation fuck face.  You know it gets you hard.  Doesn’t it?

Remember, every bit of my blog is for entertainment.  I am not necessarily stating a fact.  This is my beliefs and points of views that I am sharing with you though.  Plenty of men with little needle dicks have long term successful relationships with women.  I am how ever not your typical woman.  I am empowered and dominant.  Your little dick doesn’t make the cut.  So, I’ve got plenty of other things I can do with you and your small dick.

A few years ago I dated a guy for almost a year before we saw each other naked.  We were very good friends.  In fact I considered him one of my better friends.  The moment I saw his little dick though all attraction to him turned into something much different.  I ordered him to serve me with massages and oral pleasure.  If he was good I allowed him to masturbate in front of me.  Once and awhile I would allow him to ejactulate.  He would shoot clear across my living room out of his little 3 incher  dick.  I always busted up laughing when I saw that.  My laughter would get him so riled up.  We still speak at times.  Our friendship grew astray over the years.  He did tell me that was the most honest relationship he ever had with a woman though.  After our relationship he can’t stop dating dominant women who do the same thing I did to him.  Instead of hiding his little dick he is now proud of his small cock.  I admitted to him recently though that I already knew he had a pathetic little cock even before I saw it.  He acted like a pussy boy.  His comments about his ex wife leaving him for a guy with a big fat dick was the dead give away as well.

No matter what your cock size though any man wants a woman to pay attention to his penis.  If your cock is little and don’t want to be laughed at about it then let the Mistress know honestly at the beginning of a call.  Sometimes you just want to feel like a man.  Other times you will want that blunt and brutal truth about your pathetic fucking little needle dick.

Just remember to always enjoy your session.  Your honesty about your desires will make it so for the Mistress and yourself.

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