Power exchange is a term used in Domination.  It is common sense really how ever I will define this more in depth.  Remember my boy toys that not all of my readers know much about domination.  Power exchange is the exchange of power that the submissive partner gives to the Dominant partner.  The Dominant partner namely yours truly.  I am the very Mistress who takes that power from you.  Power exchange means you give me control over you.  You do not make the decisions nor do you try to lead from the bottom.  If you wish to be a submissive male who serves women you will always be respectful and a gentleman towards all women.  I think it very hypocritical when even a caller submits to me 20 minutes a week then turns around to be a total bigoted ass hole to women in the real world.  I am realistic and know that I do not control everything a caller does when we get off of the phone.  Please do not tell me you worship all women if you really don’t.  Just as subs have hard lines that is mine.  I ask that you treat all women with adoration and respect.  When you give me power over your cock that does not mean sneaking to touch yourself without permission during our session.  I truly want total control over you.  When I control your cock I will visualize everything.  I do not think of anything else but the two of us.  This is how it should be.  You call me specifically because I am a very experienced Mistress.  I will never yell at you on the phone.  I enjoy knowing that I take total control.  Leave all of your stress at work and the out side world.  Let me tie you up and make you endure tease and denial to my heart’s content.  Close your eyes as you touch your cock under my control.  I walk you through strict guided masturbation.  Imagine that I am the one stroking you to edge over and over while you are tied up in this fantasy.  I will probably make you go through quite a few obstacles before I allow you an orgasm.  So let us begin your weeks on end of orgasm denial while I revel in your agony.  Squeeze your balls and tell me how sore they are.  This is the part about power exchange that is one of my favorites.

Definition of Power Exchange from Encyclopedia Wikipedia:  In BDSM, the term power exchange refers to a relationship or activity in which the submissive partner exchanges his or her authority to make decisions for the dominant partner’s agreement to take responsibility for the submissive’s happiness and health. This can occur for any duration, according to the agreement of the participants, ranging from a single scene, to a proscribed period of hours, days or weeks, to a 24 hour a day agreement with no termination date.

On the last note my cute little beggar stroker boy called me up last night.  I whored him out to Princess Heather for a short little cock tease session.  Then back to me he came for more torture and humiliation.  He’s not into the hard core stuff but if very embarrassed by the slightest of things.  It’s so cute the way he begs and sounds so helpless.  He begs me to make him pay his naughty boy cum tax just to be allowed to cum.  So I tell my little boy toy to pay up.  He pleaded for me to own him and control his masturbation all the time.  So that is what my cute beggar boy gets.  Thank you for an enjoyable session.  I will have fun spending the money you gave me with your naughty boy cum tax.  Thank you my pet.

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