Phone Sex Femdom Mistress Sarah

You are a grown adult so why do you have fantasies about being a sissy girl daughter to a Mistress. You dream as you divulge your hidden world filled with pink frilly things. You call your Mistress “Mommy” in order to get your weekly fix. Dressed up in your baby doll dress and lacy panties. This is the kind of sissy girl you are. So I take you under my motherly wing and show you the way. I confess secrets to you about what it’s like growing up as a from a girl into a woman. I make you endure these things through our role play. I am sweet but strict with you. As your Mommy Mistress I don’t spank you too often but give you punishments such as standing in the corner when you have been a bad girl. Our relationship is not sexual. You have been kidnapped by me into a world of girly things. You no longer have to work. You find yourself sent back to school. It is an all girls school. Sissy training is not just about being a hard core bitch. I also administer soft and sensuous fantasy and make it as realistic for you as possible. I remember last year you didn’t even know how to put on your make up properly. I talked you into getting a web cam.  I put you through vigorous feminization training to the best of my abilities but look at you now my little sissy girl.  I watched you put your make up on when you turned on that web cam.  I had to see the results in real time as we talked on the phone.

I come off as very straight forward to most of you how ever how many of you have laughed with me on the phone.  Many of my clients fall in love with me from the moment of our very first session.  I would be much easier to get a hold of if I didn’t do my job well.  A very sweet comment a sissy said to me last night on the phone was that the reason why she calls the Sissy School Mistresses is because she knows we are the best in this business.

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