I was in the chat room this Evening.  There were many other Mistresses in there with me.  I believe it gets the chatters very excited when they are out numbered like that.  In our main chat room I saw quite a few sissies.  Some familar faces and some new ones visited while I was present.  Of course we were frequently visited these few hours tonight by men with extremely small cocks who make up cute little chat names announcing it.  The like to beg for attention from woman as we call them by their little coked chat nick names.  They wack it off the best they can with their nimble fingers begging for small penis humiliation.  Now, you all know darned well when I’m asked if a 3 inch penis is enough that the answer will be no.  That doesn’t stop the little penis who thought he could stand a chance.  So stroke and stroke faster he goes.  Then pop goes his quick orgasm and he leaves the room.  It’s always followed by another small dickie boy with another cute little penis chat nick name.  I believe our tease chat room should be nick named small penis humiliation begging zone.  We Mistresses often laugh at all of you who do this in mild amusement.  For your little 2 minute visit to our chat room is incomparible to the way I’d rip into you on the phone.  I’ve made many little dickie boys cry.  

Slow down little dickie boy.  That’s why you need a Mistress to control you.  Now, beg for guided masturbation.  Will I let you cum?  Probably not my pathetic needle dicked loser.  You are a fuck face who should grovel like a bitch.  You are a bitch in heat.  I’ll have you humping the pillow and panting like a puppy when I get through with you.  

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