Mistress Sarah’s Friend Falls for a Drag Queen Part 1

I got dragged to this drag show one weekend and had a fabulous time with my girl friends Tara and Sondra.  So each month I would go there with my two girl friends as a regular girls night out.  For some reason though they assumed since I’m a Mistress I would enjoy a drag show.  It seems as though stereo types gets passed around to all of us.  Well of course I love to train my sissies.  Not all drag queens are sissies though.  I try to teach my naive girl friends the truth about cross dressers.

One evening this gorgeous man came over to buy all of us ladies a drink.  Sondra was immeditely attracted to him.  He sat the table with us to talk to all of us.  Soon it became apparant he had a mutual attraction towards Sondra.  I found it refreshing that a gentleman aknoledged and spoke with all of us ladies who obviously came to the club together instead of a lame pick up line for the girl he has a boner for.  Come to find out after he asked us if we enjoyed the show.

Then Sondra blurted out, “I especially love Candy.  She is awesome.”

He smiled and replied, “Well, nice to meet you.  I am Candy.”

Our mouths dropped.  This is Randy other wise known as Candy.  Randy sat with us for the rest of the show then had to go back stage to do a few things.  He invited us back stage with him to the party.  My girl friends did not know what to expect but I had an idea.

Sondra asked me, “He’s straight.  Oh my God he’s gorgeous.”

I replied to my friend Sondra, “He maybe bisexual or straight.  What does it matter if you like him.”


This is an epic original written by yours truly.  You will find out what happens next time.  Remember to keep coming back to my blog to find out what happens next.

Not all cross dressers are sissies.  You wish to have sensual and intimate feminization training.  You want an intimate lesbian experience with a Dominant woman.  I will kiss you on the lips and seduce you.  I will make your head spin with my irresistible charm.

How ever remember I am a Hard Core Domme when I want to be.  So bend over all of you naughty sissies.  It is time for Sissy Training.  Did you remember to wear your panties today.  Here’s 20 spankings on your naughty bums for those who forgot to wear them.

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