I had the fortunate experience of joining Mistress Natalie today during her hosted chat.  She spoke in such great detail about her shoes.  Words spill from her lips like poetry in motion indulging the fantasies of those men with a major foot fetish.  You all know who you are.  Her reputation still proceeds her.  Even from the moment of my first call with her I was impressed with her attention to detail.  I am often complimented on my creativity.  I can tell you she has creativity in abundance.  Mistress Natalie, I thank you for sharing your chat room time with me.  I think I scared a little man with a Giantess Fetish though.  I told him that I was going to tie him to an ankle bracelet.  Then I let it slip out that I was put him on my plate of food that I was eating.  I guess that would scare a man who is 50 times shorter than I am.  Please never be put off by my sense of humor.  We had some great fun and this reminded me of why I love working for the company I do work for.  I am in great company of fellow Mistresses.  You clients make my job the best job I have ever had.  Not a single moment goes by without a greeting or a how do you do Mistress while in our chat room.

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I do apologize my pets for not posting as often as I like to here in my blog.  I think I had the Summer Time Blues.  I was going out every day trying to soak up the last bit of fun before it all ends. I’ve had the pleasure of a new sissy in major need of sissification training.  She has a long way to go but I know she can do it.

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