Men can be so dumb when it comes to their cocks, can’t you? Well, I’m going to prove just how idiotic you can be when it comes to wanking and getting the one thing you always think about – being able to shoot a load.

For my exercise in cock-stupidity you’ll need a few things: A kitchen-type chair with arms and legs, three lengths of nylon rope or cords, a washcloth, two clothespins or clamps, a padlock with a key, a length of chain long enough to wrap around your waist and the chair, and of course, your cock and plenty of time. Since you’re such a silly stroker, I’ll be “nice” and let you have lube, too.

I want you to start early by freezing the key to the padlock in an ice cube tray. Leave the frozen key in the cube and keep it in the freezer until you’re ready. Yes, dumbass, they key needs to stay frozen IN the cube! Put the key in the biggest make-shift ice tray you can find, something like a small plastic bowl.  Ready?

Once you have everything together and close to your chair, take the key in the frozen cube out of the freezer and set it next to your chair.  Take the chain and link it around your waist and the chair, and lock it with the padlock.  Now it’s time to put away those arms and legs.

Take your cord or rope and tie each of your legs to the chair legs, and tie one arm to the arm of the chair.  Are you in nice and tight? Good! Hopefully you were smart enough to get undressed before you did all that.  *hehe*

Now start stroking that cock! Go on; slide your hands up and down that lube-soaked shaft. Once you get nice and hard, stick the washcloth in your dirty mouth and put one clothespin or clamp on each nipple.  Ooooh!  Doesn’t it feel good?  ~evil~

Keep jerking that stupid-stick but do not cum! Slide your thumb over the head of your cock then pound your fist down the shaft. Let go, massage your balls, and go back to stroking. Bring yourself to the edge, give the nipple clamps a little tug, let go of your cock and click on my recording to see what to do next!

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