You think you have control of your destiny, that you are a strong man who will not break. Think again, bitch boy, today you will bend then break. And you will suffer greatly, for Me.

Down on your knees, I want you looking up at me, looking at your Superior. Go ahead fight it, you cannot win, we both know it.

Your cock is throbbing, you are so very hard and needy at this moment. I am going to exploit you and your prick, make you do things you fear, yet dream of at the same time. Now bend over, face to the floor.. I want that back and ass exposed. You see, slut puppet, I am going to use you for my own sadistic pleasures.

I am going to walk around you, dragging my crop over your bare skin. Snapping it against your flesh leaving beautiful red streaks across your flesh. I am going to take pleasure in your pain, and you will stay there until I am finished with you.

Sit up, on your knees.

Now I want you to keep your eyes to the floor and begin stroking that cock of yours.. long hard slow strokes. I want the pressure built up, I want you to ache. Continue for no less then an hour there, slowly pumping that cock up then back down again. Ready to cum you say, begging over and over… No, put it away.. today you will not release.

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