I had a humorous encounter with a repeat caller today.  He called me last week about a cuckold role play fantasy session.  We talked a bit and got to know each other.  He enjoys being called a fluffer and coerced bi training.  It’s the ultimate humiliation for him.  Once I got a good feel for what he truly desired I proceeded to tell the story about his girl friend fucking other men.  Our call today ended like it did last week.  The call lasted about 15 minutes and he hung up without saying good bye.  This time though he complimented me on my talent.  He came without even touching himself.  He told me that he exploded like crazy just by how I got under his skin and inside of his head.  He laid back listening to my voice and enjoyed the cuckold role play I had for him.  He was amazed at the power of my voice and creative mind.  I am very creative of course.  This call went similar to yesterday.  This time he wanted to be underneath licking up all of my juices as I fucked another man.

I divulged with great detail how I would make my fluffer slut lick me to get me ready to have sex with another man.  I described how red the pussy lips became when I had sex with a real man. He cleaned off the cock like a good bitch.  He kept moaning about how much he loved being used.  He has a problem with premature ejaculation.  This proved to be true from our last few calls.  He isn’t a long distance runner.

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