I tricked a stroker slut addict into Chastity Training this week.  I used my sweet, sensuous, and hypnotic voice to make him beg for his hearts desire which was to truly experience orgasm denial.  I was only allowing him to rub the tip of penis with his finger in a circular motion.  What cruel sadistic guided masturbation as he moaned out how he was willing to do anything to please me.  There is nothing more satisfying than the pleasure I get from that total control.  Chastity Training is total control over the cock slave.  He strokes 3 to 4 times a day and can not stop.  The longest he’s ever gone without an orgasm is 1 week.  That was of course until he met me.  I led him on to believe he would earn his orgasm this week but never allowed it.  I threw another obstacle at him then lured him to become my cock locked slave.

He called me up last night because I had received the keys to his cock cage.  He turned on the webcam in anticipation.  This was his first time appearing on webcam for me.  He admitted to me that stroking on webcam and cybering is an addiction for him as well.  He’s a very naughty boy.  Isn’t he?  I teased him till he cried then I ordered him to squeeze his dick to get it soft.  I commanded for the chastity belt to be put on now.  He put it on then locked it up.  He showed me the serial number on the lock.  His loud groans echoed because of chastity belt squeezing on his cock to keep it from getting hard.

With his cock now locked up I then punished him for his porn addiction.  I made him turn on his favorite porn during our session.  I wanted to watch his tortured face as I inflict tease and denial on him in his helpless state.  I left him like that in the end of our session.  He will be calling me back next week to show me his progress.

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