Chastity Mistress Sarah

Someone has been very naughty today. Let’s just say someone in particular was supposed to be working today. He lied to his wife and said that he was going to spend all day at the office. He had piles of paper work to do. Liar! Liar! Your pants are on fire! You called me up to confess that you escaped to the office alone so you could masturbate the whole day. You are a very naughty boy. I made him pull down his pants and spank himself with a ruler 100 times as punishment. Did I give you permission to stroke it? No, I did not. I made him beg for guided masturbation. I don’t tolerate this lame ass statements telling me how they want to stroke for me. I mean it when I say that you would fucking beg for me slut. He said that he’d be willing to do anything in order to stroke it for me. He wants me to own his cock. Are you ready slut? I made him slam his dick in the desk drawer so many times I lost count. This perverted fucktard got so much pleasure out of the pain I swear he must have creamed himself while doing it. I gave him hard core cock and ball torture (cbt) for about an hour. Then the pathetic perverted fucker had to go because his wife was calling. The bitch gets off on being naughty on purpose then given great pain as punishment. It gives bitch boy more pleasure than an actual orgasm.

I feel great today because I had my dose of inflicting great pain on men for a little while. That was until I had a naughty sissy slut who forgot to wear her panties under her maids uniform. So, she turned on the webcam and took her spanking like she was meant to. I think you pathetic sissies touch yourselves than real men do. Always fucking masturbating behind a Mistresses back. While the Mistress is away then the sissy sluts will play. Won’t you naughty girl?

Not all of my sissies are major sluts. Some of them are very pristine and properly behaved. They call me up just to talk about makeup, clothes, and girl talk. If you want something bad enough then you should be willing to go for it. If you are single and no strings attached then what is stopping you besides fear. Nothing! You want that prom dress then go get one. If you want to get a ball gown then go get one. Dress up in a cocktail dress and go out with the girls. If your friends would not be understanding of your cross dressing fetish then find some who would be. It’s obvious you can’t tell everyone everything. It is good to have a support group for your needs, wants, and desires.

I have my own support system. I have friends I can talk to about my Pagan Religion, Lifestyle as a Domina, and the other unconventional things in my life.

The same way you found me is also a way you could find other people to reach out to in order to share your fetish with. I with my girls the best of luck. Remember that I’m just a phone call away if you need to talk or more girly advise.

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