Today is my Birthday. I turned 39 years old today. I drove up to Michigan for a nice visit with family and friends. I just got back and will be taking calls soon. One of my best friends Michelle and I went down to the beach and hang out for a few hours before I left for home. Michelle told me she had a new boy friend. Then, out of the blue she admitted to me that I got her into BDSM. Her boy friend is her cuckold slave and they are living together. He sleeps on the floor and everything. Well, what do you know. All these years and losing touch with so many friends back home then I received this big surprise. She was always so quiet and shy. Michelle did not even lose her virginity until she turned 27 years old.  He has a 7 inch dick but she loves them bigger.  So she has the best of both worlds.  A submissive boy toy in the home and big fat cocks to fuck while he watches.  She even asked me if it’s normal because his cock is not that small.  It’s not like he’s not good in bed.  I told her that it gives him pleasure to receive small penis humiliation.  She enjoys doing it to him so why worry about it.  It is his way of empowering the woman he adores.

Most people stop and think that submissive men who are into extreme humiliation are just desperate, fat, ugly, stupid, and can’t get a woman to save their life.  Many successful men like to be degraded and abused by women.  I have never had a ugly, lazy, or stupid slave.  I much prefer a sub who knows and understands the abuse I’m inflicting upon him.  How ever you are a stupid ass little cunt who will entertain me.  You will fucking love every minute of it too.

I hope many of you enjoyed the Sissy Slut BJ story I wrote.  There will be a 3rd part to the story soon.  I did not feel like finishing the story today.  It’s my Birthday!

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