You better be saving all of your cum for your Mistress Sarah.  You can’t have one unless I allow it.  Tonight you will live out your fantasy by experiencing what a Forced Orgasm really is.  What is a Forced Orgasm you ask?  Well, it is something you can find out the hard way or you could just read about it.  Just reading about it is no fun though is it.  You will masturbate every day building up your cum just for me.  I want you to those balls full of cum.  You will walk around with blue balls for awhile before our session though.  Then I will make you endure a 1/2 hour to an hour of cock teasing torture through guided masturbation.  Tonight is the night my pet.  You were such a good boy these last two weeks.  I manipulated you into waiting longer than you had expected.  I then allow your first orgasm.  How ever it has just begun.  Three hours has gone by now and you are in complete tears begging to be allowed a break.  There will be no breaks until I say so.  You only had 6 orgasms.

You know how you got caught smoking when you were younger.  So, let’s lock up the naughty boy in the closet with a whole carton.  I’ll make you smoke until you break.  This is the same logic.  I’ll make you jack off and cum until you break.

Not all forced orgasm experiences are quite that extreme.  I do enjoy it a great deal though.  One of my pets goes through this weekly with me.  He is such a good boy and bought a webcam special just for our sessions.  He read my blog and found out how much I enjoy watching.  So he called me up for his weekly 1 hour session.  So far his record is still only 4 orgasms for that hour session.  He got addicted to it by accident with me.  I don’t know what got into me to make him do it for the first time he called me.  He responded to my instructions so well.  The chemistry between stroker boy and Mistress was heating up to maximum for this boy toy.  His visual mind and my imagination ensure a great session every time.

I think it’s something about being made to go that extra orgasm.  You must always try to out do yourself.  Why settle for second best?  No orgasm is worth having unless you earn it.  Save all of your orgasms for your Mistress.  That’s an order.

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