Learning To Please Through Begging.

Well look at what we have here. Another submissive male, begging for attention. How cute. Pleading to be taken into the hands of a Mature and Serious Fem Dom.

Ohhh I see. You are wondering what I am wearing, under my power blue suit, if anything. Hey hey .. watch those hands mister! To touch, you must ask.

And I don’t remembering you asking your Mistress Vivian if you could patty fingers with her ankles.

Oh begging now is it? How sweet! I will admit it has been known to soften my heart, and make my pink parts tingle. You’ll do what, for the privilege to kiss my feet?

Pfff .. tributes? gifts … sure- those are always nice.

But if you want to please this Mistress, you’ll grab your junk, straining to get out of your trousers, and stroke it slow and hard for me.

Show me your devotion with your dripping member. Milk up all that juice, and suffer.

Eyes down, lil man and repeat after me …

Mistress Vivian owns my pathetic cock.

Yes yes, music to my ears. Keep stroking and repeating your new mantra.

Miss Vivian owns my pathetic cock .. until you reach the edge and STOP.

That wasn’t so bad – now was it?

No, darlin’ .. not yet.

You will rinse and repeat your wanking to the edge, 6 times. Remember your mantra?

That’s a good boy … so difficult to do two things at once, eh?

Does Mistress Vivian’s pathetic cock want to spurt?

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