Oh how I hate that word! Bored! Do you know what Miss Viv does to whiney boys to complain about being bored?  Why I get them up and grooving, of course.

You’ve spent the better part of the day, sitting in front of your computer, looking at porn, and pulling at your prick.  Now its time you found some chore that needs doing around the house.

Look at your Honey Do list; I know there’s got to be some task you’ve been slow-walking for weeks. Now go on, choose something and get busy.  I really don’t want to hear any excuses today.

There will be no more wanking, until you’ve proven you can finish something, besides an orgasm.

Hang a picture, make the bed, pay some bills, I don’t really care what it is, just as long as you get up from under my ass today. When you are finished, you may get back to your smut and stroking.

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