Welcome Wankers! You should know that despite my sweet side that’s content with extreme verbal humiliation, I’m still hardcore when it comes to inflicting pain to male piggy sluts. Don’t get me wrong, I adore men, alpha males whose dominance is as apparent as my own. You, dear? You aren’t one of those men, not  by a long shot. You’re merely a lacky, one who performs acts I don’t enjoy so that I don’t have to. You are a pansy, a slut who’ll follow orders to the letter due to your fear and respect the dominants you encounter. You are also a wanker, the kind of flunky that would do absolutely anything for a sniff of my panties… if you are lucky. We both know you aren’t entitled to anything and you should feel lucky I pay attention to you at all. So getting back to the point I was making… though there’s a sweet side to my personality, there’s also a very sadistic one. Tonight, I am the Sadist.

I need several things from you. I need a meat mallet used to tenderize meat before cooking. It’s like a hammer with small triangular indentations on the side. You also need a length of string, thick long rubber bands, clothespins or clamps of some kind, a paint stirrer or wooden spoon to spank your ass with, a rough, uncomfortable piece of fabric and a dildo… and some lube, unless you like it rough… and even then, Icy Hot would be a nice painful lubricant for your poor penis. Also, a tube of whore red lipstick is necessary as well. I want you to wrap your cock and balls with the string. Tie them tightly so they’re swollen and red. Now stuff your ass with your dildo. If it has suction cups, ride it for a while before we move on. Now take the red lipstick and write “Lauren’s Slut” in big letter on your chest and around your weiner.

Now it’s time for your spanking. Bend over in front of a mirror so you can see the punishment I’m inflicting. Take the chosen implement and proceed to bust each ass cheek 50 times while reciting “I’m Lauren’s Slut”. When your spanking is complete. Sit down hard and firm on your uncomfortable fabric. Can’t find anything? Take a towel and open a box of rice and spill it all over the towel so the rice sticks into your abused skin. Now it’s time to abuse your nuts. Spread your legs wide, take the mallet and slowly apply soft kisses to your cock and balls with the meat mallet. When it gets too much, pause…. when you’ve had enough, click the link below to see what exactly you’ve earned from Sadistic Empress Lauren

For domination sessions with Ms Lauren call 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum