Today I am going to send you out on a shopping expedition. I want you to go to the shoestore and purchase a pair of high heels. They can be pumps, stiletto’s any thing with a good size heel on them. Open or close toe is a personal preference I like both so you may pick one or the other. Colour is important it must be something that excites you when you see it. Tell the salesgirl these shoes are being purchased for “your goddess” and watch her facial expression with glee. Next I want you to go to the lingerie shop and buy the prettiest panties in the store. As long as they look ultra feminine you will be on the road to pleasing this mistress! Stockings (garter optional) will comlete your “uniform in which you will come to my alter to worship at. There are two last items that I would like you to purchase and that is a suction cup dildo and buttplug. These are great toys because they leave you hands free and available for whatever comes to my naughty mind next. Once you’ve returned home pour yourself a cocktail and bring your goodies into the bedroom. Take off all of your clothes and now dress for your “Goddess Ashley.” Pinch your nipples for me until they are erect. Take the suction cup dildo and stick it to the wall. Crawl to your buttplug and lube up that ass. Penetration may begin now. Once inside pull panties back up and crawl to that cock. I want you to lick, kiss, fondle, stroke, and finally suck that dick until you feel like you are ready to burst. Now sit on that buttplug and begin bouncing on it. When you think you can stand no more and are in danger of busting that nut (you will be in real danger if you do so  without my permission.) This is the time you may click button below to hear my message to you.

For domination sessions with Ms Ashley call 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute with 10 minute minimum