Ok you pathetic losers, I’m ready to really work you into a frenzy today.  To complete your assignment you will have to leave your house, so make sure you have at least an hour to complete this task. First things first, focus on my picture and pull out that little dick of yours.  I want 10 tight slow strokes and 10 fast hard strokes, do this alternating pattern for 20 sets. Now that your palm is all sweaty and that little dick of yours is hard, pull up your pants and head to your car.
Now that you are in your car, drive to your local drugstore…preferably one that is quite busy. Once you pull in to the parking lot and park, close your eyes and think about my picture again.  I want 10 sets of those strokes you did at home.  Make sure your dicklette is twitching.  Now exit the car and go inside the store.
Once you are in the store I want you to go on EVERY aisle…in each aisle you will grab the front of your pants and give your dick 5 strokes through your pants. Once you have stroked on every aisle, go to aisle with the condoms and lubricants. Pick up every bottle of lube and read the package giving yourself 3 strokes per box. Now purchase a large bottle and checkout.
Once you are back in your car, pull you dick out of your pants and use a generous amount of lube. Stroke that little dick all the way home…walk in the house, click on the banner and listen to my voice.

-Empress Mallory

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