Men make me laugh… all that nonsense about masculinity and testosterone. How they try to act all bold and talk tough when their simple minds come into conflict with each other. “Boys don’t cry”… “man of the house”… “king in his castle”… what a crock of shit.

When you meet a guy, he starts off trying to be the stereotypical image of the male. This inflated sense of ego and macho garbage that every woman can see through. With the slightest bit of effort, it’s so easy to turn each one into a girl’s bitch. And the reason is simple – all that masculine hype is a load of bullshit.

Every single man I’ve ever been with, no matter how tough he tried to talk in the beginning, turned out to be a typical submissive pet, especially when it comes to sex. There’s no challenge to it, they can’t submit fast enough once the opportunity is there. And I don’t mean just me being in control of what‘s happening, I mean total sexual submission and the want to be used like a bound bitch.

For example, let’s take a look at you. Typical guy raised to believe all this nonsense about men being the dominant sex. Now take a look at my picture. You know damn well that if you had the chance to be anywhere near me you’d be the nicest little boy in the world. You might do something stupid like try to act all “manly” thinking that will get my attention, but if I snapped my fingers at you and told you to come, you would obey. If any chance at all of being intimate with me presented itself, you’d do whatever I asked and you’d love it… not just because you’d want me so badly, but because deep down inside that’s the way you’ve always wanted to be treated by a beautiful dominant woman.

Like this… I want you to go buy a pair of handcuffs, real ones, and a slave collar. If you live in a major city there are probably stores you can find both of these things in, if not the wonderful world wide web has opened up plenty of opportunities to enjoy perversion. Buy both and when you have them read the rest of this. Find a few feet of rope too.

Now… I want you to tie the rope to your collar. Take all of your clothes off, and then put the collar on so it’s the only thing you’re wearing. Now that you’re properly dressed, put the handcuffs on too – cuff your hands in front of you. Then go into your bedroom, lie down on the floor in front of your bed, and tie the other end of the rope to the frame.

If you lived with me as my personal slave, this position is often how you’d sleep at night… tied up on the floor where a male slave belongs.

I want you to jerk off now. I want you to imagine all this as you masturbate… being a woman’s pet… her slave property… collared and bound… obedient to her will.

When you feel yourself about to orgasm… say out loud – “Please Domina Amanda, may your property cum?”… after you’ve said this, you can… just make sure to cum all over your hands and not the floor… I don’t want a mess.

After you’re done, click the link below… don’t take your collar or handcuffs off until after you’ve listened –

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