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There was a 4th of July party for the sissy who is under going strict chastity training.  This poor little sissy has been in a chastity belt for 4 months now.  So we of course had the sissy slut as the entertainment for the evening.  The sissy begged and pleaded even before the party.  Imagine my delight at this helpless silly little bitches plight unfolds.  So, you are a sissy who wishes to get invited to parties to serve people then listen up.

Here are the rules sissy maid training:

  • Your pleasure means nothing.  The pleasure of your Mistress means everything.
  • You live to entertain your Mistress.
  • You will always dress up in the prissiest sissy maid attire that is picked out for you.
  • You are no longer allowed to think.  Your Dominant Mistress will do all of that for you.
  • Be polite and courteous to all.  You are inferior to all women.
  • Be prepared for an inspection at all times.
  • You are a sissy maid and there for the property of your owner.  (If your Mistress just wanted a regular boring servant then she could just hire one.)
  • You will be expected to perform multiple tasks at once.
  • Be willing to serve anyone your Mistress hands you over to.

Those are some basic ground rules for sissy maid training.  How ever I believe you are starting to get the idea.  One thing I do to all sissy maids is give them a daily spanking.  I do so even when the slut behaves.  I remind you of my power over you every day.  I have stated this before and I will state it again.  I believe all sissies should under go strict orgasm denial and wear chastity belts.  If you wish to be a girl then you should only be allowed to take it like a girl.

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