I am spending time in chat today in our Tease Chat Room. Would you believe last night when I logged into Yahoo I had over 12 private messages come in all at once. I swear you horny boys traveled in packs last night. Please remember if I do not answer you right away then I will as soon as I get the chance. When I am on the phone and respond with that message also please be courteous. I will let you know when I am off the phone then we can continue our conversation then. Now, if you wish to speak with me so bad then you can either just set up to be the next caller or you can email me. We have our share of Mistresses in the chat room today. I got to meet one of our newer Mistresses who is Mistress Nadia. She is a very sensual Dominatrix. I have noticed it’s the sensual ones you must be the most careful with. They will make you fall in love with them while still being very cruel without you knowing what is happening to you. A woman after my own heart. She is a fine addition to LDW. I loved her personality right away.

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It looks like I have a few appointments tonight. I have noticed you faggot cock suckers are starting to work up the courage to call me. Tonight I will be teaching a slut how to make a post on Craigslist so he can find some cock to suck by this weekend.  He’s into major humiliation and needs hardcore Forced Bi Training.  He’s too much of a pussy boy to go out and get his own cock to suck.  He needs me to coerce him to really do it.  I will be glad to oblige.

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