What is a key holding service for chastity training? I have seen numerous sites that offer these services at a very fair price how ever most do not offer the one on one training you are seeking. It makes no sense just to mail the key that has your family jewels locked up to someone who give you no such training. Whether you are just interested in chastity training as a beginner, cock locked yourself, or were trained by another Mistress for many years it has to be personal to truly mean something. It would be like you mailing your key to a phone recording when you call your telephone company. This makes no sense to me and it should not make sense to you. When you try to decide a key holder remember that chemistry is very important. Do not feel as though you need to mail the key to the first Mistress you talk to on the phone or in a chat room either. It is acceptable to take your time when making your decision.

Finding the right Mistress will be just like love at first sight.  You will just know when you find her.  All doubts in your mind will leave your heart and mind.  Now it is time to approach her with your desires.  Most clients who are interested in chastity training email me or just give me a call to get to know each other.  Put the truth of your desires for extreme orgasm denial training.  Every man is different.

Do you want to concentrate more on your anal training and give over total control of your cock to a Mistress?

Is chastity a fantasy you have had for many years?

What is your previous chastity experience?

Just because you have never endured chastity does not mean you have not experienced orgasm denial training before.  Every man is different just as every Mistress is different.

One of the biggest faults I see in submissive men when they seek a Mistress is not considering the type of Mistress they give their key to.  Keep in mind if you want a sensual Mistress who will coddle you every step of the way then I am not the one for you.  I will give you strict discipline and constant teasing assignments.

For Femdom Phone Sex Training in Chastity 1-800-356-6169

Do not be afraid to ask your potential Mistress questions as well.  Please remember to always be respectful.