We all know what happens in the Winter if you put on those extra pounds after the holidays. You try to lose those pounds before Summer. Things do not always work out like we want them too. I wrote up an assignment for Sissyville on fashion tips for summer for all of you sissies out there. Sissy Training involves taking you sissies by the hand and showing you how to think more like a woman yourself. I also recorded an intimately sweet audio with this assignment for you girls.

Check out the Sissy Training Assignment by Mistress Sarah at Sissy Ville:

Sissy Training by Mistress Sarah at Sissyville

SissyVille is compiled of different assignments to fit every sissy and cross dresser’s needs. Girlie desires are not just realized in dreams but can be reality if you work hard at it. You must have faith in yourself. Realistically those masculine features of yours still show through then redecorate yourself on the inside first. How you feel about yourself on the inside will shine through in your eyes, smile, and even the way you walk down the street in your 5 inch heels.

Here is an inside look into the way Mistress Sarah thinks.

Why do I get a bikini wax? The answer is simple it is much smoother. I will not have to shave. Shaving takes up way too much of my time when waxing leaves it all feeling much smoother. I would rather pay someone to do it for me once every few weeks. It looks so much better.

Shaving causes the hair to grow back thicker. The hair on my legs do not grow back as rough stubble like on some women’s legs. Yes, there are many women who have stubble when the hair grows back just like men do facial hair. I do not and never will have that.

Feminization training involves meticulous care to one’s own body and remembering time is of the essence. Beauty really is pain sometimes.

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