How do I like my boys? Tied up of course! I love watching fight against the restraints trying to gain that elusive freedom. A locked leather cuff around your wrists and ankles and a gates of hell on your cock. Is it pain? Is it pleasure?

Do this for me:

Get a set of small locks all keyed with the same key. Take one of the keys and put it in an ice tray. Fill with water and let it freeze. Get some leather cuffs for your ankles and your wrists and put them on. Lock each one of them securely so that you cannot take them off without unlocking the lock. Enjoy the feeling of the restrains on your body, but still being free. Get your key ice cube out of the freezer. Find a comfortable and quiet place. Since this is your first time, lock all of the cuffs together at the D-ring.

Now just lay on your side and wait for the ice cube to melt. I’m right here with you. . .watching you, laughing at you, and teasing you. Are you starting to get stiff? Only a little bit more. It’s almost time to get out. . .next time, I’ll have you freeze the keys in a cup.

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