So you think you have what it takes to serve me.  I doubt that.  You need some more training.  Your training will involve some domestic duties.  I want you to go out and buy a cute little pink apron.  Every day you will scrub all of the tile in your home with a tooth brush.  You are not allowed to use a scrub brush or a dingy mop.  I want you to scrub every inch of that floor with your tooth brush.  I want to be able to see my reflection in it every day.  Make sure you are wearing that cute little pink apron while doing the house work.  Oh, and you will be completely naked except that pink apron.

Clean the entire house from top to bottom every day.  The proper way for you to clean the toilet is this.  You will put that toilet bowl brush up your ass and use it to clean it out.  You will sing while doing your house work.  Yes, you heard me.  You will have that toilet bowl brush sticking out of your ass while you scrub it out daily.  Don’t forget to clean off the handle after every use.

I want everything clean.  I will be checking to see you do a good job my pet.

For domination sessions with Ms Sarah call 800-601-6975