I know all about filthy little stroker boys like you…you can’t seem to keep those dirty thoughts and worthless cock of yours in check! No, you can’t even walk down the street without a bulge peeking through your pants at the first sight of a young princess like me, showing off my sexy legs and adorable ass in something short and tight.  Well, guess what, bitches?  Chances are, you’ll never have a girl like me, or any of those cuties you stroke to and drool over, so we may as well cage that cock of yours!

That’s right…I want you to go to your friendly neighborhood sex toy store, and purchase a cock cage (also known as a cock tube or male chastity device).  Not only will you buy a pink one, to remind you of your sweet Molly, but as you pay the cashier, I want you to confess; tell him or her what a small-dicked, compulsive masturbator you are.  Oh, and while you are there, pick up a few hot porn videos *giggle*.

Hurry home and get caged up.  You’re spending the next week in 24/7 cock confinement.  Don’t even think about freeing yourself.  I’m ordering you to wear your cage to work, in the shower, when you take a piss…I really do mean full time cock confinement.  Your first assignment while wearing your cage is to start watching those pornos you picked up at the toy store.  I can’t stop giggling over the thought of you watching gorgeous women get banged, and being unable to stroke your little winkie.  In fact, I bet your little cage will keep it from growing!  You must watch at least an hour of porn every single day while your cock is caged.  I’ve even recorded a little audio for you to listen to (below) for a bit of encouragement.  After the seven days is up, you must call me, or one of the other Mistresses, and beg for permission to remove it.  If we feel like you’ve been too disobedient, or haven’t learned from your little experience, another week of confinement might be in order.

For domination sessions with Ms Molly call 800-601-6975