Ok you deviant little slut, on your knees now…head lowered and look at the ground.  You will never look up unless I give you permission. You need some strict lessons on how to properly clean and shine your Mistresses shoes. You will follow my commands explicitly and only do as you are told.  Is that understood?
Now from your kneeling position, lower your body til you are resting on your knees and elbows, making you eye level with those perfect black patent leather stilletto heels. Take your right hand and gently grasp the sole of that shoe, leaning in closely to first smell the leather and enjoy it’s tantilizing aroma. Next take your tongue and softly lick in a long steady stroke from the toe to the arch. You will use your tongue like a paint brush tracing the curve of the arch. Next I want you to kiss the entire sole of that shoe, taking great effort in detail making sure every speck of dust and dirt is removed.
Now, trace that tongue back along the outside curve of that shoe, letting your tongue just slide across the leather. Next place your puckered lips against the leather and place small kisses on every inch of that shoe, then follow back with your tongue, making sure you don’t miss a spot or hesitate to long in an area and drool all over. Ok you little shoe slut, get your mouth ready to clean the heel of these stillettos!
Lie down on your back, still holding the shoe gently above your head.  Spread your puckered lips apart just wide enough so the point of the heel slips inside.  Now suck, drag that heel all the way into your mouth over and over twisting your head back and forth, sucking every inch of dirt off.
Of course you must practice before I will ever let you get close to my shoes, so the first shoe you will clean is your own.  Grab a pair of your sweaty tennis shoes, prove to me that you can clean those properly and then just maybe you will be granted access to mine. Don’t forget, after that tongue bath you will be polishing those shoes to a beautiful shine.  For this you will again be on your knees with your legs spread open.  Grasp your balls firmly and press then against the leather, rubbing in a clockwise motion to buff out any scuffs and polish them to a majestic shine.
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