Domination comes so easy to me. Doesn’t submission come just as easily to you? I thought so. You might try and fight the urges to submit to a stunning young Mistress like myself… but you will always give in. Just you reading this has you feeling super submissive and turns your cock rock hard, begging for me to control you and it. You want to help bathe me, dress me in a tight fitting corset, latex pants with sexy 5 inch 2 inch platform black heels. After all the submissive that has a chance to session with me, should help in the process of me getting ready for his training.

Go over in the corner and grab the wrist and thigh restraints. Don’t forget the butt plug, lube, crop and flogger. I want to restrain your wrists to your thighs while you are on your knees before me. I ask if you’ve been a good boy this week; which I already have a feeling you haven’t been. You sheepishly look down at the floor and reply, “No Mistress, I haven’t been a good boy.” I’m not surprised. I took you on as a new submissive knowing your issues with chronic masturbation.

Listen to the audio to hear your punishment!

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